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Low Back Pain

Physiotherapy in Thornhill,
serving North York, Vaughan and Markham

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  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce muscle spasm

Work, sit and shop without pain,
and dare to mop your floors again :)

We use a combination of physiotherapy, massage and osteopathy to reduce or eliminate low back pain.

The majority of treatment is done using hands. Sometimes we may also use electrotherapy, ultrasound, heat and laser.

When you come to treatment we will take the time to listen to your concerns, answer questions, and do extra research when necessary. Most importantly we will give you the one-on-one undivided attention and use our skills and experience to improve your pain!

  • If you tried physiotherapy or chiropractic without
    success before.
  • If you have a chronic condition that no one else
    has been able to help.
  • If you are willing to commit to a 6-8 weeks course
    of therapy that will improve your pain and change your life.


The Physiogroup in Thornhill is for you!


Please take advantage of our free 15 minute consultation,
during which we can discuss your condition and answer any questions.


To schedule your appointment, please call
647 707 7000
and we will ensure that you get
the treatment you need and the care you deserve!



I have no words to thank you for the incredible help you gave me today. WOW! I drove home with almost no pain at all! You are a miracle worker. I feel like I have bounce in my step again. May G-d bless you with only good and may you continue to help others with your incredible gift.

-- Toronto, Low back and coccyx pain, Paula S.


I came to physiogroup because I had lots of backpain. When I would come to my sessions, Ariella would right away ask how I am feeling. She is very caring and patient. After I completed my sessions, my pain got better. I highly recommend physiogroup for pain relief.

-- Michal S.


Ariela is a compassionate and gifted therapist. Her intelligence and knowledge of the workings of the human body is combined with a natural intuition and love. I have never met anyone who has helped me as much as she has.

-- Toronto, Low back pain, I.L.


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Low Back Pain Case Study

Patient Info Female, 56 years
History Low back pain that has been getting worse over the past 6 months. Currently pain is really bad, especially in sitting. Patient works at a computer and has to sit for prolonged periods of time at work every day. She also complains of pain at night when she falls asleep, or when she has to turn over.
Observation Evaluation
  • Patient was found to have a very hard and restricted sacrum.
  • The lumbar spine had a number of vertebral lesions.
  • R kidney was found to be in a poor position, and some areas of low back were found to have severe muscle atrophy.
Anatomical and Physiological Relevance
  • The lumbar (lower back) spine and sacrum lesions corresponded to patient's location of pain.
  • Poor kidney position contributed to paraspinal muscles spasm and affected Psoas (the muscle that connects low back to the leg and passes through the groin).
  • Poor low back and hip position put tension onto nerve rootlets, which likely contributed to the L buttock pain. Lack of muscle support compounded it further
Course of Treatment Patient was given a total of 13 sessions. Initially she was seen twice a week for 3 weeks. During the first two sessions treatment focused on her sacrum and lumbar spine. The following week kidney was corrected, and then spinal (dural) membranes and neural rootlets were decompressed. Each osteopathic treatment was conducted in conjunction with a massage to release muscle tension and allow for quicker healing. After the 6-th session she reported that the pain was improved almost 50%. She continued weekly treatments for another 6 sessions and came for a follow-up two months later.
Outcome 2 months later patient reported being totally pain-free.