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Ariella is a physiotherapist and an osteopath. She totally healed my daughter's ankle. She is in a different league.

-- Thornhill, M.K.


I have no words to thank you for the incredible help you gave me today. WOW! I drove home with almost no pain at all! You are a miracle worker. I feel like I have bounce in my step again. May G-d bless you with only good and may you continue to help others with your incredible gift.

-- Toronto, Low back and coccyx pain, Paula S.


Ariela is a compassionate and gifted therapist. Her intelligence and knowledge of the workings of the human body is combined with a natural intuition and love. I have never met anyone who has helped me as much as she has.

-- Toronto, Low back pain, I.L.


Unfortunately I don't exercise regularly and I'm a little overweight, but life goes on and despite all odds, my lower back and neck problems melt under Ariela's hands. Thank you!

-- Thornhill Woods, K.V.


I have known Ariela for almost five months since I started my therapy last March 6, 2012. And I would like to take a moment to thank her for the excellent job in restoring the functions of my right hand as well as my right shoulder. She is very humble, kind, and always very happy to work for my treatment sessions. I am very comfortable and feel at ease during her therapeutic sessions. She is very confident in giving me instructions that I needed in order to gain movement in my arms. She is a great motivator and very gentle in treating me even thourhg I am in a great pain. She has an excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She is also hardworking and has an empathy to her client. And above all, she is skilled and competent physiotherapist.

Once again, I cannot find any words how much I appreciate and thank you for your great help. I knew and I felt that you did your very best. And for that I will never forget you. Keep up the good work. I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mikhael Steynberg for the massage.

-- Toronto, shoulder fracture, Maria A.


Dear Ariela, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping all 3 of my children.

My oldest son's posture was terrible, but after the very first treatment I could see a HUGE difference, it's simply unbelievable! He came only for a handful of sessions until you said that he was done and doesn't need to see you anymore, his posture improved so much that everyone is commenting about it.

My 2 year old son always had a very big belly, being a skinny child it looked very strange and doctor could not explain to me why, after few treatments with you his belly is gone and he is very happy and energetic child.

It Is simply amazing how you can find an individual approach for all age groups!

My daughter's lower back pain is much better after only one treatment.

I want to thank you from all of us. J.

--With gratitude, Thornhill, F. family


Osteopathy is a great thing!
And Ariela as an osteopath is a gift. After her touch you feel like a new person! You want to live! Thank you!

--With Gratitude, Z. H. Israel


Ariela is a gifted woman. Her ability to feel, to understand what the others body needs without words, and her exceptional ability to heal is really a gift from Above. I was in a serious car accident and went to a few chiropractors, who are all very good. After one visit to Ariela, I was able to stand and walk without pain! There are professionals and than there are those with a gift! Ariela has got IT!

-- Toronto, Neck pain and hands numbness, B.R.


My mother was struggling with her back problems since she was a child. After overcoming several treatments, she finally decided not to bother and live with the pain. It took me 1 year to convince her to try osteopathic treatment. Now she is looking forward to coming back from Israel and continuing her treatment. Thank you!!!!

-- Israel, Scoliosis and back pain, P.Z.


My child sprained his knee and kept complaining of pain. I brought him in for a half-hour treatment, and the pain was gone! I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anybody!

-- North York, N.L.


I was referred to Physio Group for neck and shoulder pain, that I'd been having for about a year. After just a few treatments, I already felt relief. Now after 6 treatments the pain is completely gone! I really liked that Ariela did not treat only the painful area. She approached my body as a connected system, and treated all the different parts of my body. I always was looking forward to the treatments because immediately afterward, I feel a great inflow of positive energy. Now that I've finished my treatments I feel great and have a very active lifestyle free of pain. Quality of my life improved - Thanks to Physio Group.

-- Vaughan, Regards, Irina


I am very happy with the care I received for my shoulder – the therapist was attentive and thorough. She used a very gentle touch and was careful not to aggravate the pain during treatment. I started to feel an improvement after the second session – the pain was not as sharp, and I started sleeping better. After 6 weeks I almost had no pain and started some strength retraining. I feel I received the best care possible! Thank you for your help!

-- Collingwood, A.W.


I came to PhysioGroup due to neck and postural stress caused by my environment at work. After a few sessions with Ariela and her team, I began to notice improvement. Now two months later I feel like a new person. I really felt comfortable at the clinic due to their personal approach. I would recommend PhysioGroup to anyone who is in need of pain relief, stress reduction or to learn how to listen to their body to prevent strain. I would like to thank Ariela and her team for being so attentive and caring and doing such a great job!

-- North York, Diana G.


My doctor referred me to PhysioGroup because I have arthritis in my lower spine. I recommend Ariela and her team whole-heartedly. They are thoughtful, careful people who really listen to me. Most of all I learned to participate rather than "subject" myself to physiotherapy, thereby learning how to help myself well and limber.

-- Toronto, Beth S.


I came to physiogroup because I had lots of backpain. When I would come to my sessions, Ariella would right away ask how I am feeling. She is very caring and patient. After I completed my sessions, my pain got better. I highly recommend physiogroup for pain relief.

-- Michal S.


I was recommended to Ariela by a friend. I suffer from severe IBS, which had started three years ago. I used to often find myself in severe stomach pain. I have tried laxatives and pills, some helped and some didn't. I felt uncomfortable with that solution, because I did not want my stomach to rely on that for the rest of my life. When Ariela did treatment on my stomach, I felt that this is the best solution. It's natural and ever since, my stomach has improved and pain has decreased. I am not afraid that my digestive system is depending on it, it's in fact, 'learning' to work on its own. I recommend Ariela to anyone with IBS or stomach pain for a natural laxative-free treatment.

-- Thornhill, Sarah B.


I was referred to Ariela by a family friend who came here for TMJ therapy as well, as I suffer from TMJ pain and a severely restricted jaw opening. I noticed a huge difference after only 3 sessions. I am pleased to say that I can now open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger again! Thanks for everything, Ariela!

-- Toronto, Jennifer F.


I had no hope of getting better when I started treatments. However, with time, dedication and patience I started feeling the recovery taking place. Hopefully the pain will not come back. If it does, it is nice to know that now I have a place to turn to.

-- Thornhill Woods, Low back pain A.P.


I was referred to Ariela by a number of my friends. In the past wen I was younger I did not have many issues with my health, but with time and many stressful situations my body was capitulating, and I needed help to be in shape and be able to be there for my family physically and spiritually. Thanks G-d that I was able to use Ariela's skills to get me back in shape. My pains are disappearing and my spirits are high again! I love her office that she beautifully designed for her clients and I am very privilleged to come here and receive the best care Ariela can give with her caring hands and words.

Best wishes, may H-shem grant you good health for many years to come to be able to help may people like me!

-- Vaughan, Back pain, Chaya F.