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Physiotherapy in Thornhill,
serving North York, Vaughan and Markham

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  • Stand straight
  • Drive without pain
  • Sleep through the night

We use a combination of physiotherapy, massage and osteopathy to reduce or eliminate sciatica.

Treatment will be totally pain-free, and the majority of it will be done using hands. In addition we may use heat and laser therapy for quicker progress.

Sciatica is our specialty, and we have been able to eliminating sciatica in many patients!


Please take advantage of our free 15 minute consultation,
during which we can discuss your condition and answer any questions.


To schedule your appointment, please call
647 707 7000
and we will ensure that you get
the treatment you need and the care you deserve!



I have no words to thank you for the incredible help you gave me today. WOW! I drove home with almost no pain at all! You are a miracle worker. I feel like I have bounce in my step again. May G-d bless you with only good and may you continue to help others with your incredible gift.

-- Toronto, Low back and coccyx pain, Paula S.

Ariela is a compassionate and gifted therapist. Her intelligence and knowledge of the workings of the human body is combined with a natural intuition and love. I have never met anyone who has helped me as much as she has.

-- Toronto, Low back pain, I.L.


Ariela is a gifted woman. Her ability to feel, to understand what the others body needs without words, and her exceptional ability to heal is really a gift from Above. I was in a serious car accident and went to a few chiropractors, who are all very good. After one visit to Ariela, I was able to stand and walk without pain! There are professionals and than there are those with a gift! Ariela has got IT!

-- Toronto, Neck pain and hands numbness, B.R.


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Sciatica Case Study

Patient Info Female, 56 years
History Patient was seen for L hip and leg pain that kept getting progressively worse over the last 2 months. Patient complained that she had difficulty sitting and driving, and was not able to sleep at night because of pain.
Observation Evaluation
  • Hard and restricted sacrum
  • Shifted L5 vertebra
  • Taught sciatic nerve
  • Pain when palpating ileo-tibial band
  • Tight piriformis
Anatomical and Physiological Relevance
  • Sciatic nerve originates in lumbar spine and passes over sacrum under piriformis muscle. Lumbar/sacral lesions affect its course, position and tension.
Course of Treatment Patient was initially seen three times a week – once a week for manual treatment, and twice a week for laser. Pain started to improve after the first week of treatment. After 2 weeks of treatment she reported a 50% improvement. She was given gentle stretching exercises, and continued therapy on a bi-weekly schedule.
Outcome Patient was discharged from therapy 4 weeks later totally pain-free.