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Physiotherapy in Thornhill,
serving North York, Vaughan and Markham

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Get rid of headaches, clicking and pain.
Enjoy your apples once again! :)

We use a combination of physiotherapy, massage and osteopathy to reduce or eliminate clicking, headaches and pain.

Treatment will be totally pain-free, and the majority of it will be done using hands. In addition we may use heat and laser therapy for quicker progress.

TMJ is our specialty, and we have been able to eliminating pain and clicking in many patients!


Please take advantage of our free 15 minute consultation,
during which we can discuss your condition and answer any questions.


To schedule your appointment, please call
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and we will ensure that you get
the treatment you need and the care you deserve!



I was referred to Ariela by a family friend who came here for TMJ therapy as well, as I suffer from TMJ pain and a severely restricted jaw opening. I noticed a huge difference after only 3 sessions. I am pleased to say that I can now open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger again! Thanks for everything, Ariela!

-- Toronto, Jennifer F.


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TMJ Case Study

Patient Info Female, 26 years
History Patient presented with pain and clicking over the left TMJ joint that has been there for at least half a year. Patient reported not being able to fully open her mouth. She took 4-6 extra strength tylenos per day for pain and wore a bite guard at night. Pain was described as sharp, constant and evoking headaches.
Observation Evaluation
  • Patient's jaw mobility was found to be about half of normal.
  • The L TMJ and temporal muscle (muscle over the joint) was very tender.
  • The joint felt swollen. The mobility of membranes inside the skull was restricted.
  • L temporal (ear bone) mobility was restricted the most.
  • In addition, the trigeminal ganglion (a collection of nerve cells under the left temporal bone) was blocked.
  • The vitality of mandible was severely restricted with multiple sites of density possibly due to extensive orthodontic/teeth work.
Anatomical and Physiological Relevance
  • The TMJ joint and muscles were inflamed.
  • The skull membranes limit normal mobility of the skull bones and affect nutrition to the brain and compliance of brain and ganglia.
  • The trigeminal ganglion is heavily implicated in oral and facial pain.
  • Previous history of extensive orthodontic work may explain lack of vitality of the mandible, and would create further tension on the trigeminal nerve.
Course of Treatment Patient was given 5 weekly sessions with the focus on releasing the mandible (jaw) and the trigeminal ganglion. Membranous tension inside the skull was corrected, and normal blood supply to and from the TMJ joint was restored.
Outcome Patient reported significant improvement after the 3rd session. During the 5th session her mouth opening was measured to be almost twice of the initial, however she complained of a recent onset of headaches. She was seen 4 more times after that and reported full resolution of both the headaches and her TMJ pain at the end of treatment.